Eyebrow Microblading with microshading by madeline rouge


You are only one step away from never drawing on or filling in your eyebrows again. 

Microblading is the amazing new semi-permanent manual process of inserting pigment into the upper layers of the skin to create desired fullness, shape & size of the brows. 

Effects are waterproof, smudge-proof , completely realistic and last  1-2 years.

Over time, pigment fades to nothing leaving your natural brows behind without the dreaded green and red discoloration from traditional eyebrow tattoos of the past....



By using a very fine blade, pigment is deposited under your epidermis and above the dermis in very thin hair-like movements to give the impression of real eyebrow hairs.  Since it goes nowhere near as deep as a regular tattoo, and the this wispy, non-vibrating tool allows for more control to achieve those individual strokes and leave behind a dreamy set of brows.

A topical numbing agent is applied before the procedure and there is little to no discomfort.  



My microblading studio

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